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I am happy that I chose what excites me: Aadhi Pinisetty

Deccan Chronicle| Sashidhar Adivi

Published on: July 29, 2021 | Updated on: July 29, 2021

Life in films has made him a better person, says actor Aadhi Pinisetty

Aadhi Pinisetty

Aadhi Pinisetty

The recent announcement that Aadhi Pinisetty would be playing antagonist to Ram Pothineni did not come as a surprise to many, because Aadhi has simultaneously been cast as protagonist and in supporting roles in other films. But he insists that he loves doing a ‘balancing act’, and challenge himself as an actor and performer.

"I never saw myself only doing protagonist roles. I am game for any character as long as it is impactful," he says. "My role in Rangasthalam proved that if you are game to explore different roles you can be successful." As much as Aadhi is appreciated for being inventive, there were many who questioned his choice of scripts.

"There were times people asked me why I was doing a particular film. I may have turned down several scripts, but I am happy that I chose what excites me," he adds.

The Clap actor says, "I was searching for what works for me at one point. I think it’s a phase everyone goes through. But what I have realised is that the more you connect with the camera the more interesting the journey becomes."

Recently, Aadhi’s father, director Ravi Raja Pinisetty, celebrated his 72nd birthday. We ask Aadhi about his father’s involvement in his script selection.
"I do discuss scripts with him. If you have such a big director as a father and don’t discuss anything with him, then it’s a loss to me, not to him," Aadhi points out, and adds, "There were times when he expressed doubts about my script selection but at the same time he respects my decisions and lets me take the final call."

"Having strong family support has been very instrumental in my success," the Ninnu Kori actor acknowledges. "My family always respected my choice of scripts and never forced anything. However, the actor is quick to point out that cinema is all about hard work and not legacy. "Family lineage will help you initially for a couple of films, but the rest is all your hard work.

He maybe the son of a top director of the ’80s and ’90s, but Aadhi had his share of struggle in the industry. The audience will recognise you for your talent, not because you are someone’s son," he stresses.

Aadhi’s brother Sathya Prabhas is also an actor, and Aadhi says that his brother has been supportive yet critical, while giving him feedback. Since Aadhi is in his late 30s, we couldn’t resist asking the Sarrinoidu star about his single status. However, all he would say was, "I am embracing a lot of love, but I don’t want to discuss it."

Talking of his 15 years in showbiz so far, the actor says, "It’s been a wonderful journey; I have seen highs and lows, and there were times I had to wait for the right script. So I learnt a lot as an actor. Life in films has made me a better person. And I did roles that the audience has appreciated. So it’s been a satisfying journey."

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