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Fame is good, but I prefer to stay away from publicity'

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Published on: April 28, 2022 | Updated on: April 29, 2022

DVV Danayya, producer of the blockbuster film 'RRR' talks about his role as a producer, and about the new heights Telugu films have risen to

D.V.V Danayya. (Twitter)

D.V.V Danayya. (Twitter)

D.V.V Danayya needs no introduction after RRR – as the producer of the movie, he has achieved global renown. He is busy attending muhurats and trailer launch events as the chief guest, as it is the trend now for south filmmakers to launch their trailers in Mumbai.

Recently, he was the Chief Guest at the poster/trailer launch of the English psychological thriller Different produced by his close friend NSVD Shankara Rao and directed by Uday Bhaskar [Dragann] starring Telugu hero Saran.

Danayya started his career with the fantasy film, Jamba Lakidi Jamba Pamba and is known for producing hit films BruceLee, Naayak, Dubai Seenu and now the record-breaking RRR.

Excerpts from a tete-e-tete:

RRR is doing so well; it has created a magic. How do you feel?

All credit to the director and creator, Rajamouli garu.

Are you happy with the recovery of your investment?

We have recovered whatever we had invested. And we have got profits already.

There’s a strong buzz that RRR collections are inflated. How true are these numbers?

That’s not so. Rs 450 crores was the investment. We have already got profit over the money invested.

Nowadays, the role of a producer has become that of a mere cashier in Tollywood. Agree?

It’s nothing like that. But the director’s quality is of importance and he ensures he stays within the budget. He brings success and creates hit movies. Rajamouli has been giving only hit movies — it’s like no matter what he does, he brings a hit. The director has to be powerful (Smiles).

How true is it that the producer has no business to ask anything about the shooting status, or the film’s process?

All this is a figment of imagination. It is not true at all. We do visit sets and are informed about the shooting status and other spheres of production that are going on.

Why are you not mentioned anywhere, unlike Jr. NTR, Ram Charan and Rajamouli, when one talks of RRR. Don’t you feel left out, after all you are the financer?

That’s not true. I am getting a lot of the limelight. Fame has definitely come to me. But I prefer to stay away from publicity.

Is there a new movie in the pipeline?

We have another film but have not decided on a title. I can’t reveal anything at the moment.

Why do you think Telugu Industry is now doing so well?

Primarily because everyone is working hard and struggling to ensure their films do well. Everyone deserves glory. Shankar’s movies, KGF 1 and 2 have been doing very well. Such hits will keep coming.

You have come to Mumbai for the launch of Different. What's your special association with this movie?

Saran is the male lead. His babai (uncle) Ravi Garu is my best friend. We need to support makers and technicians belonging to Tollywood. Different is produced by my close friend NSVD Shankara Rao and directed by Uday Bhaskar. That’s why I’m here. I have not come to meet any Bollywood stars or filmmakers this time.

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