I don't want to be idle at home: Nara Rohit

The actor on why he is doing so many films in a short span of time.

Nara Rohit’s Raja Cheyyi Veste, the third film of his in two months, is releasing this Friday. Says the super busy actor, “I didn’t aim to do films continuously. I only look for good scripts and never think whether the director or producer is new to the industry. I take every film as an experiment, it’s not that I am doing whatever films come to me.”

“It’s always better to work continuously than sit at home ideally,” he adds.
“I am happy if my producer gets back his investment in his films. My last two films were released within a short span and I was happy about Tuntari as the producer was happy. But I was a bit disappointed for Savitri, which did not do well,” says Rohit.

He adds that he does not aim to earn '25 crore from a '5 crore film.
“If you do one film a year, no one can guarantee the success of that film. That’s the reason I am accepting projects whenever I get good scripts.”

The actor adds that he doesn’t have the time to analyse what went wrong with a particular film as he is always busy with the upcoming projects. Talking about Raja Cheyyi Vesthe, he says, “I am playing Rajaram, who is an assistant director. My aspiration in the film is to become a director.”

The actor is also in the process of reducing weight. “I have already lost 5 kg and have more to go. You all (the reporters) have been seeing me regularly, may be that’s why you can’t see the difference. If you had seen me after a gap, you would definitely have spotted it,” laughs Rohit. He is currently shooting Jo Achuthananda, Kathalo Rajakumari and Appatlo Okadundevadu, while Pandagala Vachadu is in post-production.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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