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Nag Anvesh to get married soon

Deccan Chronicle.| Sashidhar Adivi

Published on: March 29, 2022 | Updated on: March 29, 2022

Actor Nag Anvesh and Kavya will have a destination wedding in Bali on June 9

Nag Anvesh and Kavya. (By Arrangement)

Nag Anvesh and Kavya. (By Arrangement)

Nag Anvesh is set to bid adieu to bachelorhood! He is preparing to tie the knot with his fiancé Kavya. The couple got engaged last month in Hyderabad.
"It was a low-key ceremony; only our close friends and families attended the event," said the Vinavayya Ramayya actor.

Sharing more details, he says that Kavya was his neighbour a few years ago. "Later, she moved out. But we reconnected through common friends," he said, stating that their friendship blossomed into a relationship.

It was he who made the first move, the actor revealed. He replied in the affirmative to our question whether he had gone down on one knee to propose to Kavya. "My friends and I had arranged for a small terrace party at a friend’s house. There, I went down on my knee, and asked her, ‘Will you marry me?’ She immediately smiled and said "Yes," said the Angel actor.

The families of the engaged couple are good friends too, and also in the same line of business (real estate). Kavya assists her parents in their business.

Both sets of parents had come to know that their children were seeing each other, and making the relationship was a mere formality, said Nag.  

While Kavya gifted Nag a watch, his parents gifted her a jewellery set.

They are getting married in Bali on June 9. "We initially checked Mauritius and other islands, but fell in love with Bali," he shared.

Professionally, the actor is going easy on signing films. He explained that he has been focusing on entrepreneurship and his businesses of late. "Covid -19 was another reason to go easy on films. But I have a few scripts under discussion and will soon make an official announcement," he said.

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