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Working with Gunasekhar sir was liberating: Kabir Duhan Singh

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Published on: January 29, 2022 | Updated on: January 29, 2022

The actor will be as King Asura in the costume drama, Shakuntalam

Kabir Duhan Singh

Kabir Duhan Singh

Ever since his debut as a baddie in Jil (2015) struck a chord with the audience, Kabir Duhan Singh has been going from strength to strength. While he continues to impress with his performances in Tamil and Hindi, he says that his upcoming film, Shakuntalam, starring Samantha, will be a landmark project for him.

Kabir will be seen in the role of King Asura in the costume drama directed by Gunasekhkar. Apparently, the director saw his martial art performances and called him. After a look test, the filmmaker felt Kabir was apt for the part.

"It’s always a dream to work with someone like Gunasekhkar Sir; he’s a visionary and it’s been a pleasure to be part of Shakuntalam," says the actor, adding that the film was a learning experience for him. Kabir picked up sword fighting for the part,  and says, "This training came in handy during a war sequence with King Dushyanta (played by Dev Mohan) in the climax episode, which will be a highlight.

Revealing that he shot for war sequences sporting real armour, he says, "The head gear weighed around 18 kilos. The shoulder and chest protectors were heavy too, and so was the jewellery. We shot for over 10 days, and I got a few bruises and scratches. But I felt that it was all worth it.  Mythology is one of his favourite genres, the actor says, because "The dialogues, gestures, expressions and body language are all different.

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