Chiranjeevi's fans help Oka Manasu

Sridhar agrees the film didn't appeal to the critics as it was a bit slow.

If you wondered why the “mega family” gives so much bhaav to their fans, well, it’s because these fans can make or break their movies. Niharika’s debut film is the latest example. Though panned by critics as a “bore”, the film got a decent opening because Chiranjeevi’s fans supported the film. And now it’s picking up.

Credit also goes to producer Madhura Sridhar, who paid attention to all the criticism, and made necessary changes immediately. “After feedback from the first show, we trimmed the film by nearly 14 minutes. Now it is drawing good crowds,” he said, adding that he released the film in around 250 screens in AP and Telangana state.

Sridhar agrees the film didn’t appeal to the critics as it was a bit slow. “But the distributors and exh-ibitors are happy with the film’s collections. The dubsmash dialogues are going viral on social media. So we have no complaints.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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