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A hug too many: Mohan Babu lashes out at cheap comments

Published Mar 28, 2016, 12:21 am IST
Updated Mar 28, 2016, 12:21 am IST
Diamond Ratnam asked Sonarika for a hug when she asked him why his name was “Diamond”
 Diamond Ratnam asked Sonarika for a hug when she asked him why his name was “Diamond”

Audio functions in Tollywood are becoming increasingly vulgar by the day and not everyone is taking it lying down.

On Saturday evening, actor Mohan Babu gave a piece of his mind to the team of Edo Rakam Ado Rakam during its audio release function.

Manchu Vishnu and Raj Tharun are the lead actors while Sonarika and Hebah Patel are the female leads. G. Nageswara Reddy is the director and Anil Sunkara the producer.

The function, that was held at a hotel on Saturday evening, was tasteless right from the beginning with dialogue writer Diamond Ratnam asking Sonarika for a hug when she asked why his name was “Diamond”. “I will tell you if you give me a hug,” he said, to which the actress obliged.

Then it was director Nageswara Reddy’s turn to ask for a hug from Sonarika. Perhaps, the most crass part was when Nageswara Reddy commented: “Writer Diamond Ratnam is very quick to write dialogues when I explain the scenes, the only problem is he needs two pegs of mandu (alcohol).”

Meanwhile, Raj Tharun, too, asked Sonarika for a hug, which took the actress by surprise. He then said, “This hug is not for me, it’s for Ravi Babu (who was not present).”

When the director said that both actresses were very cooperative, someone from the team asked him how exactly did they “cooperate”. Even Rajendra Prasad did not hold back from the crass comments.

Finally, Mohan Babu could not take it any longer. He lashed out saying, “I have acted in more than 650 films and I have never spoken like this at any function. This is very cheap. How can a director ask an actress for a hug in a public gathering, and also when the event is shown live (on TV)?”

To the director about his remarks on the writer’s drinking, he said, “I know about you and your love for drinks. I have told you many times that you exceed your limit while drinking. And you are now talking very cheaply about the writer in public.”

He did not spare the writer too for asking the actress for a hug. “When you are speaking, use your common sense. The actress is good and thus hugged the director and writer. If the actress was from our times, the reaction would have been different and she would have slapped,” he said, cautioning them to be careful in future.

Mohan Babu also cautioned senior actor Rajendra Prasad for his comments. “How can you say that the girl looks like your wife? This is not a comment one expects from you, even my wife Nirmala felt bad about it. Please be in control,” he said.



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