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‘Why would we beat up fans?’

Published Dec 27, 2019, 1:07 am IST
Updated Dec 27, 2019, 1:07 am IST
…asks a source from production house A.K. Entertainments, which has been blamed for the stampede during a photo shoot session of fans.
Mahesh Babu
 Mahesh Babu

Christmas Day, 2019, is a day that Mahesh Babu's fans (in Telangana) who came to take part in a photo shoot with the superstar, would like to forget.

The photo shoot was jointly organised by MB (Mahesh Babu) official team and A.K. Entertainments, which is producing Mahesh Babu’s forthcoming film, Sarileru Neekevvaru.


With fans turning out in larger numbers than expected, things quickly degenerated into chaos, and a stampede ensued, resulting in the police having to swing into action.

However, a source from the production house argues that it was no fault of theirs. “First of all, the photo shoot session was a private event because the invites (around 1200) had been sent privately only to the presidents of various fan clubs. But unfortunately, several other fans came to know about it and thronged the venue in large numbers,” the source said.


Apparently, Mahesh had given two hours (11 a.m. to 1 p.m.) for the photo session. “When fans came to know that Mahesh was running out of time and was about to leave, they pushed their way through and jumped the barricades to get a glimpse of him,” the source added. After posing with fans, Mahesh left the premises at around noon. Security (bouncers) swung into action to control the fans.

“The bouncers only tried to push the fans back from the stage, but their efforts were futile. So, we had to call the police. Moreover, why would we beat up the fans who came from far-off places?,” asks another source from the production house.


As the event was held at a studio (Aluminium Factory) premises, prior police permission had not been sought, the source clarified.

meanwhile…Fans cry foul

Mahesh Babu’s fans from the Telangana were a disappointed lot on Christmas Day. A few of them were injured in the stampede at the photo shoot event. Angry fans criticised the poor arrangements by the organisers, and the way the bouncers behaved.

“How can the bouncers beat up fans? What right do they have to assault us? As fans, we might get carried away, but the bouncers behaved rudely,” asserts Sreenu Pandanti, a diehard Mahesh Babu fan who had come all the way from Warangal for the photo shoot.


Another fan, Prakash Ragala (from Sangareddy), who was injured in the stampede, was scathing about A.K. Entertainments’ inability to predict the size of the fan turnout.

“These are not the kind arrangements to be made for a star’s photo session,” he stresses.