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Vigilante's truck with law

Published Nov 27, 2020, 6:20 pm IST
Updated Nov 27, 2020, 6:32 pm IST
Meka Suri 2 is rustic and a gore-soaked drama
A still from the movie Meka Suri 2
 A still from the movie Meka Suri 2

Film name: Meka Suri 2

Director: Trinadh Velisala.


Cast: Abinay, Syed Sumaya Farahath and Sharath Kumar

Rating: 2.5

Meka Suri 2, a sequel to Meka Suri, is now streaming on ZEE5. In the first part of the two-part series, Suri's (Abhinay) wife Rani (Sumaya) was raped and killed by a feudal lord Appalnaidu (Sharat Kumar), who cleverly made it appear that the butcher Suri is guilty.

Story: In the second edition of the rustic, gore-soaked drama, the plot thickens, with Suri avenging the murder of his wife and becoming a vigilante. But he is threatened by an upright cop ACP Arjun (Pramod), who tries to outsmart him and his comrades, a group of raging naxalites.


At 120 minutes, Meka Suri 2 is a tad longer than the first part, which was an 85-minute outing. Like the first part, there are stretches of elevation shots and slow-motion moments.

The transformation of the unkempt, crazy Suri into a lord of sorts has been rushed. Director Trinadha Velisala, who showed sincerity in portraying a number of moments in the first part, should have ensured that this didn't look abrupt or undeveloped.

To make sure that the film gets a raw appeal, the action-drama is filled with gory characters, familiar scenes like the powerful harassing poor villagers, mind-numbing crimes against women, and all. The trope of a vigilante who has no faith in the criminal justice system and a sincere cop who wants to render justice has been deployed to rev up the drama.


However, the appreciable aspect is that the dialogues are brief for the most part. There is no too much fuss about anything and that's a plus.

To the director's credit, he pits a strong countervailing force against Suri. The protagonist, on his part, is not just brawny but also deploys mind games. The conversations between the Suri-cop duo bring out the conflict between a renegade and a conformist serving the system. A character is disillusioned with the system and this surface in a nonchalant way in the screenplay.

Some stretches (like where a cop is seen extracting information from a woman about an impending Maoist operation) are longer than they should ideally have been. Also, the urge to bring back the memories of Rani in Suri's life should have been avoided to make it crisp.


While Abhinay looked confident, like he was in the first part, the rest of the cast was adequate.

The director sincerely tried to keep up with the spirit of the genre of the film, and the first part – be gritty and raw in his storytelling.

Location: India, Telangana, Hyderabad