Jr NTR's balancing act

The actor has been shooting back-to-back for over a month juggling between Jai Lava Kusa and Bigg Boss.

Jr NTR has never worked so hard! As he juggles between the sets of his upcoming film Jai Lava Kusa and the location of Bigg Boss, the TV show he is presently hosting, we hear the actor is leaving no stone unturned to ensure he balances both of them well.

While the makers shifted the location of the film to Pune to make it convenient for the actor, Jr NTR himself is giving it his all. “Other locations were finalised initially for the film and everything was planned. But the team is now shooting crucial scenes in Pune to make it easier for the actor to juggle. So, NTR is shooting for the film during the week, while he shoots for the TV show over the weekends. He has been shooting back-to-back for over 30 days now, and it doesn’t seem likely that he will have a break any time soon with so much going on for him,” informs a source.

Meanwhile, NTR apparently has nearly 42 costume changes almost every single day for Jai Lava Kusa! “The team has been shooting nearly 13 scenes every day. And with him playing a triple role, there are certain sequences where he changes. And so, he is technically changing 13 times for each character!” the source explains.

This is apparently the toughest ever film for the actor, as he juggles not just sets but also characters. While a few scenes with each character were shot at a stretch, some scenes where all the three characters are seen at once are quite a challenge. “It’s not easy as he has to juggle between the emotions of three completely different characters,” the source reveals. With so much happening, one sure hopes he gets his much deserved break soon!

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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