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Fighting for her right

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Published on: May 27, 2022 | Updated on: May 27, 2022

Since her uncle's family is also joint owner of the property they are now trying to show authority

Actress Dollysha. (By Arrangement)

Actress Dollysha. (By Arrangement)

The actress had around 100 acres of agricultural land in her hometown. After her father passed away in 2012, her uncle’s (father’s brother) family has been taking care of their property. It’s a joint family, and her mother and sister live there along with her uncle’s family.

"My uncle and his sons created a fake will; they forged my mother’s signature and executed the will —  they have transferred all the 100 acres which was in my father’s name to a joint property," reveals Dollysha, adding that they also bribed the revenue department officials in the process.

Since her uncle’s family is also joint owner of the property they are now trying to show authority.

"My uncle’s family also created another document forging my mother’s signature, saying the entire property belongs to them and that she is not interested in any property," shares the actress.

Dollysha reveals that her uncle’s family took possession of their land and house, are harassing her mother and sister and are not allowing them to enter the house premises (despite being joint owners of the house).

Dollysha Chourasiya with her mother at her agricultural land

In November (2021), when the actress was shooting for her film, she got a call from her hometown regarding the property issue. She had to pack her bags and suddenly leave the sets and head to her hometown (Sridham). "When I went to my hometown I learned about all these developments and was shell shocked. I lodged a complaint in the local police station. I waited for a few days, but there was hardly any action initiated," she says.

It was then she went and met the district Superinten dent of Police (SP). He  assured her that he would look into it. "He helped us a lot; he immediately enquired about the matter and started giving orders to the lower rank officers. He also filed an FIR against my uncle’s men for harassing my sister," says Dollysha.The police have also given their family special protection to get back into the house. "My uncle’s family has opened several bank accounts in our names and have been transacting on our behalf and looting money for the last seven years," the actress rues. "A case of 420 was also registered against my uncle for duping us," she says.

The police have now given a strict order to her uncle’s family that they will be responsible if anything happens to them.  "We have also written to the Prime Minister and Home Minister asking them to help us," says Dollysha. Her mother is diagnosed with cancer, and she was to get operated in Hyderabad last year.

The investigation is currently going on and the SP is looking into it. "The revenue officials came and measured the land and have given us some portion of the land officially. I am fighting for the remaining portion of land and our other property issues," she shares.

Amid these developments, Dollysha has been shooting for two films in Hyderabad.

"Whenever I get a call from my producers I have to travel to Hyderabad. It’s been very difficult for the last six months. Mentally it’s been very taxing and it has been very difficult for me; I have gone through a lot," she recalls about her ordeal.

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