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Mehreen at her comical best in F3

Deccan Chronicle.| Sashidhar Adivi

Published on: April 26, 2022 | Updated on: April 26, 2022

The actress talks about work and leisure

Mehreen Kaur. (By Arrangement)

Mehreen Kaur. (By Arrangement)

Mehreen Kaur is in a happy place! She is busy completing the  shooting of her Kannada film, and is done with her Telugu comic caper F3.

Her role in F3 is very different from the earlier iterations, and the actress says she will be at her comical best in the Anil Ravipudi directorial.

"In F2, my role (Honey) has a lot of spunk and I am like a little kid. But in F3, I look mature. The best part of the role is its layers," says the actress, adding that she liked the spirit of the character.

Mehreen was one of the actresses who was busy working even during the pandemic.

"I started working for F3 during that time," she recalls.

"For F2, I had time to prepare for the part, but for F3, I haven’t prepared much, as I had to be spontaneous. Also, this is my first franchise film so it’s very special and I am excited," she says.

According to Mehreen, her role mirrors her real-life character. "I am quite funny and entertaining in general, and Honey is one of my favourite characters.

Everyone loved watching Honey," she says.

F3 is about how the situations in life make people run after money, the actress shares. It has a practical core, but has been told in an entertaining way.
Mehreen says she loves travelling and taking frequent breaks from work. A peek into her social media handle reveals photos from her recent vacation in Turkey. 

"Travelling is like therapy," she says. "I want to meet new people and experience new cultures. I have made a conscious effort to do that more frequently of late, because, due to the pandemic I wasn’t travelling," she adds. As someone who travelled extensively, Mehreen finds that, although culturally, people are different, they are all similar when it comes to thought processes. Her six-year-long journey in films, Mehreen says, has been full of learning. "I have learnt a lot; I became a better person and my understanding of the craft is strong," she avers.

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