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Trying to stay positive: Sudheer Babu

Published Apr 27, 2021, 8:36 pm IST
Updated Apr 27, 2021, 8:36 pm IST
Actor Sudheer Babu excited about his role in his forthcoming film, Sridevi Soda Centre
Sudheer Babu
 Sudheer Babu

Actor Sudheer Babu is staying home and trying to be optimistic amidst the current pandemic scenario. “The situation is so grim and extremely scary. I was not at all prepared for the second wave; nobody was, for that matter,” says Sudheer.

He was busy shooting till the second wave brought work to a standstill. “I believe these tough times will end soon and the key is to stay focused and positive,” the actor says. “Doctors are aware of how to treat the disease, plus we have vaccines, etc., so I am praying that this grim situation will end quickly,” he shares.


We ask him what he’s doing to stay positive. “I wish there’s a formula for that,” he smiles, but says that the best thing to do is to not believe in any rumours about the disease. “It makes us panic even more,” he points out, adding, “ I am spending time with my family, listening to script narrations online, and trying to keep myself occupied in some way.”

Recently, Sudheer Babu had posted that he enjoyed dubbing for his character Suri Babu from his upcoming film, Sridevi Soda Center. His eyes light up when we ask about the Karuna Kumar directorial, which tells the story of a street mechanic who works as a sound executive in a village.


“It’s a rustic love story that also talks about the caste system and other social elements. The plot is gripping,” he says, adding that the action drama is based on a few real-life incidents.

“I have had a makeover too. I will be speaking in the authentic Godavari accent. I picked it up from the people around that region. The film’s writer Kasi also hails from that region so I was constantly interacting with him and it makes my transition into a Godavari lad look seamless,” he shares.

Sudheer reveals that one of the main reasons he signed on for the film was the action sequences. “Several people have been asking me to do an outright action film. But I have been waiting for the right script. And when the producers Vijay Chilla and Shashi Devireddy got me this story, I thought it was the right one. The plot has a mix of intense storytelling and war-like action episodes interspersed with beautiful numbers by Mani Sharma garu,” he adds. 


“We have built several special sets that’ll show the richness in production,” he says, adding that the film was shot in 60 days around the Godavari region.
“Not even one single Covid-19 case was reported (during the shooting), so I want to thank the filmmakers for the way they organised things,” the actor says.

Sudheer Babu describes his upcoming film Aa Ammayi Gurinchi Meeku Cheppali, under director Indraganti Mohan Krishna as both quirky and intense. “Indraganti garu has excellent command over the language, hence the title is unique,” he says.


Interestingly, Sudheer has worked mostly with relatively new directors. “Initially I did not have a choice for the kind of budgets I have, but later I realised that the content that’s coming from new directors is fresh and innovative. Hence, I have been trying to strike a balance between working with experienced and new filmmakers. So far it has been good,” smiles the actor.