Mahima Makwana: Destined debut

Popular Hindi Television actress Mahima Makwana talks about her First Film Venkatapuram.

At 17, it’s quite surprising how confident Mahima Makwana is. It’s probably the result of the extensive experience she has as an actor – she’s been working since the age of nine! However, despite being a popular name on Hindi television having played the protagonist in well-known primetime soap operas, she’s still keen to “expand the horizons”. That’s why she’s making her debut again – in cinema, with the upcoming film Venkatapuram.

“It’s my debut into not just Tollywood but into cinema as a whole and I am very excited. It wasn’t easy for me to make a decision about my first film but when Venkatapuram came, I knew it was what I wanted! I believe the first film chooses you, the rest you choose for yourself. It’s destiny,” she shares.

One could expect that the teenager would have taken the help of a manager or her family in making the big decision of transitioning into films, but Mahima says, “It was my own decision!” The young actress, who’s presently pursuing standard 12 in Mumbai adds, “Even though television helps me reach such a huge audience, I always wanted to explore a new arena. It’s so fascinating that despite having worked for so long, for this set of viewers, I am a completely new name, a new face, a debutante.”

What was it like? “Amazing would be an understatement. This film was an experience I’ll cherish forever. I tried something new, met new people and moved out of my comfort zone. Can’t ask for more,” she says.

And the language? “It wasn’t easy! There were times I used to be lost on the sets because I couldn’t understand what everyone was saying. I hired a tutor in Mumbai to help me with the basics and that was useful in saying the dialogues. I guess with time, I will be able to learn it better!” says the actress.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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