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Milestones make me work harder: Naga Shaurya

Published Oct 26, 2021, 10:31 pm IST
Updated Oct 26, 2021, 11:34 pm IST
Naga Shaurya says he’s always trying to improve his craft
Naga Shaurya
 Naga Shaurya

In 2016, Naga Shaurya starred in Kalayana Viabhogame, a film about the life of a disinterested couple. And now, his upcoming film Varudu Kavalenu (Wanted: A bridegroom), directed by Lakshmi Soujanya, is about a soon-to-be-couple’s take on marriage.

“The plotline is contemporary and relevant. Generally, there’s pressure on every girl to get married once she attains a certain age. But girls keep putting off the time to consider proposals. Our film shows that this is for a reason,” explains Shaurya, adding that if a girl wants a guy of her choice, she needs to wait, and the same goes for the guys.


Shaurya will be seen as an NRI architect in the film, and he will be sporting formal wear. As such, he needs to look lean. He had to bulk up for his role of an archer in the sports drama Lakshya, and it was a challenge to reduce weight for Varudu Kavalenu, he shares. “I lost around 16 kilos,” says the Aswathama star.

“For Varudu Kavalenu, I also need to change my body language and dialogue delivery, so it is tough,” he says, but adds that he enjoyed the process.

Aren’t his parents putting pressure on him to get married, we ask. “They are,” he replies. “I think it started a couple of years ago; they keep constantly asking me when am I getting married. Coincidentally, I listened to the Varudu Kavalenu script, which has an unusual take on marriage, and found a connection,” he reveals.


According to him, these films are also teaching him about weddings. “I haven’t entered wedlock yet, so it’s good to know about certain things that come with marriage,” he says, but quips, “No matter how many films I do about marriage, I’d love to experience marriage jitters in real life too, why not?”

Shaurya has completed a decade in showbiz, an achievement for a rank outsider. Reflecting on the journey, the actor is thankful for the work he got and the love the audience has showered on him. He says that every milestone makes him work harder to live up to that respect and love. He also ascribes his success to his family’s support.


“Sometimes my films failed, but my efforts didn’t. I give my 100 percent to all the films,” Shaurya says. He has an interesting premise that actors go through four phases in their careers.  “While the first stage is waiting for an initial break, the second would be working towards sustaining that success. The third and fourth would be cementing and strengthening,” he says, adding that he himself is crossing the first phase.  

While stressing that his excitement and passion to do films remains unchanged from the start, Shaurya says that he has  been constantly working towards improving on the craft. “We as actors constantly try to reinvent ourselves.  Although it’s challenging, I enjoy the makeover process,” he says, adding that all the hard work is aimed at just ‘one Friday’.


“What I have realised is that success and failures are part of the journey but what I focus on is how much we have entertained the audience,” he says, stressing the value of honesty and sincerity.

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