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I had panic attacks: Raiza Wilson

Published Apr 26, 2021, 10:13 pm IST
Updated Apr 26, 2021, 10:13 pm IST
Actress Raiza Wilson sends legal notice to the doctor, Bhairavi Senthi, who performed the cosmetic procedure
Raiza Wilson (Photo courtsey: Vignesh Kumar)
 Raiza Wilson (Photo courtsey: Vignesh Kumar)

Actress Raiza Wilson says the recent cosmetic procedure she underwent, which she describes as ‘negligent’, has traumatised her for the past one week, and has left her psychologically affected because of its fallout. She has now sent a legal notice to the dermatologist who performed the procedure.

Earlier, the actress had posted on social media that the procedure had left her with bruises under her eye. “I was so shocked to see swelling under my eye,” Raiza says. “I had panic attacks; it was unimaginable.”


She shares that she had to see a psychologist and take counselling. She also had to visit another doctor to undo the damage done by the procedure, Raiza reveals. She has been put on medication for the scarring.

“I was mentally affected because of the scar, and it came as a threat to my acting career and life,” the actress says. The dermatologist, Dr Bhairavi Senthil, had told her that there would be no ‘down time’ required after the surgery, and that she would be able to commence shooting the next day itself, says Raiza.


But “I couldn’t attend the shooting the next day because of these bruises under my eye. The whole film unit was waiting for me, but I had to cancel the shooting,” she says, adding, “The producer was very upset, but he also understood my situation.”

There were just a few days of shooting left, says Raiza. “I would have wrapped up my portion if not for this. The makers had to push the shooting because of my bruises, and now that there is a lockdown in force in Tamil Nadu, I feel so guilty and hold myself responsible for the delay.”


Raiza says she sent the legal notice after Dr Bhairavi responded to her complaints, dismissing the problem as minor side effects which appear in select cases if precautions and medical advice were not strictly followed. The actress says if the doctor had been empathetic about her plight, she wouldn’t have taken things this far.

“All I needed was just a reassurance and remedy. When I did not get it, I started panicking,” she says, adding, “After my post on social media, several people came up with similar stories about the doctor.”


The problem has had an impact on Raiza’s other projects as well. “I was supposed to commence shooting for another project, but unfortunately, I had to postpone it due to the swelling under my eye,” she says, hoping that the blemish would disappear quickly.

Meanwhile, doctor denies

In a press statement, Bhairavi Senthil said, “The clinical procedure is a cosmetic application of skin treatment. It involves administration of substance in the facial skin to enhance and rejuvenate the skin cells. The said procedure is done with the due written consent of the person, who shall sign thee necessary forms and declarations. The procedure will be clearly explained to the person before administration of the substances and all clinical process and the same shall be in strict compliance of the medical rules governing the same. The rupture is not so serious or critical and the same shall subside naturally within few days without any damage to the skin. Raisa has purposely made a statement and published her photograph in order to defame our clinic. The statement made by her is  deregatory and had grossly affected the name, reputation of my clinic.


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