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Niddhi gets nostalgic

Published Apr 26, 2020, 7:32 pm IST
Updated Apr 26, 2020, 7:32 pm IST
A walk around her house in Bengaluru brings back childhood memories
Niddhi gets nostalgic
 Niddhi gets nostalgic

The nationwide lockdown may have brought the film industry to a standstill, but that’s not stopping Nidhhi Agerwal from using the time productively. The actress has registered for two programmes connected to the showbiz industry.

Nidhhi reveals that she has enrolled for an online acting course offered by the prestigious New York Film Academy, as well as a Script Writing course.


“Initially, I thought this lockdown would only be for some time, and it was like a break. But as the days passed, several questions occurred to me and made me think and plan ahead,” says the iSmart Shankar star.  Since she had time at her disposal, she decided to do something meaningful.

“Since I am not a trained actor, and I act spontaneously, I thought getting some training in acting will definitely help me take my performance up a couple of notches,” Nidhhi reveals.

“Since going to classes physically is not possible during the lockdown, I believe this is the best time to learn acting online.


The course also teaches me method acting, apart from giving me know-how about other aspects of the craft too,” shares the Munna Micael actress, adding, “I feel I am making good use of the time, and also having fun. The kind of things we study are different from the kind of things we do at work. So, it is always good to revisit the basics and be open to learning.”

The two-month acting course typically has four classes per month and each class is of a one-and-a-quarter hour duration.

Meanwhile, the script writing sessions are helping her to appreciate the finer nuances in plot lines.


“This course may not necessarily change the way I look at scripts, but it will help me to employ a clinical approach to scripts and understand them better,” the Savyasachi star says.

Talking about the larger learnings she has acquired during the lockdown, Nidhhi says she has realised the importance of family and health. “Nothing can be bigger than family and health. I realised that we must be grateful for the things we have in this world,” says the actress, who is with her parents in Bengaluru.
The lockdown has also made her nostalgic.


“I was living in Mumbai, but a walk around the house in Bengaluru brings back childhood memories. I see the artefacts I collected during my school days, the prizes I won for academics, several mementos and appreciation awards, and they all make me nostalgic,” she says.

Niddhi will be next seen opposite Ashok Galla in an as-yet-untitled film directed by Sriram Adittya.

“I play a chirpy girl, a role that’s close to who I am in real life,” she signs off.