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Movie review: Rang De

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Published on: March 26, 2021 | Updated on: March 26, 2021

Let's check out Rang De Telugu movie review

Rang De

Rang De

Rang De Story: Two childhood buddies (Anu and Arjun) who are neighbours are raised together. While one ends up as a college topper, the other is filled with hatred. What happens when they get married? And for a selfish reason?

Rang De movie review and Analysis: When director Venky Atluri wants to tell a story about a couple struggling to come to terms with each other, why does it take so long to come to the plotline? Why was so much time wasted on scenes establishing Arjun as a poor student, a spoiled brat? What was the point of the scenes in college? None of it added to the narrative. Once the main plot unfolds (after the interval), the entire focus is on the couple’s relationship. So, lack of straight storytelling makes most of the film tedious.

The film starts by showing how Arjun and Anu’s childhood friendship blossoms, and how their families get close. While Anu falls for Arjun, the latter doesn’t reciprocate, and in fact, develops a hatred for her.

Venky deals with a rather familiar subject of two individuals trying to adjust to each other, using a generous mix of comedy (protagonist’s sidekicks) and emotions. The characters start to unfold and the story takes different turns, leading to some hilarious episodes. Sarvesh’s (Brahmaji) role as a foreign education consultant is particularly funny. But, while the deliberate light-hearted treatment of such a serious subject is familiar, it just doesn’t hit the right spot.

Rang De has a talented cast led by Nithiin and Keerthy Suresh, and a story that will resonate with young couples, especially those dilly-dallying about starting a family. But the film thrives on clichés. Tighter editing, especially in the first half, could have made for a crisper experience.

It has a good mix of the right ingredients and has the potential to be an entertainer. But lack of defining moments and weak writing are its undoing. The writing barely scratches the surface of the complexity of the situation — especially in the second half.

The cast gets full marks for honest performances. Keerthy Suresh steals the show and delivers a knockout performance as a woman who wants to have a baby. Also, her character’s emotional arc is developed well.

Nithiin was adequate, and his response to the sarcastic taunts from his wife in the film was well portrayed. Rang De gives him the much-needed opportunity to shed the boring reclusive lad image and portray a mature guy.

The clever wordplay, witty dialogues, and repartee keep things playful at times, but the dull narration and weak writing in most parts of the film do nothing for the rather routine story. All in all, it's an okay film.

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