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I don't believe in marriage, says Charmme Kaur

Deccan Chronicle| Sashidhar Adivi

Published on: March 25, 2018 | Updated on: March 25, 2018

Charmee swears by three things her parents, pets and Puri Connects. There's no place for a relationship in her life now.

Charmme Kaur

Charmme Kaur

Having spent several years in the industry, actress Charmme Kaur says that she’s enjoying her current stint as a producer. 

Admitting that the job is stressful, she shares, "But I am loving it! There’s not a single day when I’ve asked myself why am I doing this? I am getting the opportunity to discuss a lot of things with other people on topics beyond acting," adding, "I never felt like I was missing the camera because I am enjoying the experience of being behind it too. I’ll do a film only when the script gives me a bigger high than production."

For someone who has always been independent, Charmme states, "I don’t feel like being answerable to anyone. If a stranger suddenly comes into my life and questions me about my whereabouts and judges me, I won’t stand that."

She adds, "I was in a relationship with a guy from the industry earlier, but it did not work out because of two things — availability (I am never around) and pampering (which becomes fake later). If I ever marry, all these things will lead to a divorce, so why go through all that mess? My mom pressurises me to get hitched but when I can’t even be in a relationship, how can I get married? Even if I get married, I’ll not be available for him or do household chores."

Elaborating on her last relationship, the actress says, "I wasn’t myself in the relationship and was faking it for a long time. I realised my priorities and moved on gradually. But I don’t blame the guy, he’s a gem. I am the bad one."

Does she believe in marriage? "No! Because it doesn’t work for me, it may work for others. Nothing turns me on in a guy because I am not in such a space right now. I’d rather go to a spa than be pampered by a guy. And I have always been like this. My dad knows me well and he himself says that ‘I am not marriage material’. And I have decided to live with my parents." 

So for now, Charmme swears by three things — her parents, pets and Puri Connects.

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