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It took me 12 years to become an overnight success: Adivi Sesh

Published Nov 25, 2022, 6:57 pm IST
Updated Nov 25, 2022, 6:57 pm IST
Adivi Sesh (Photo By Arrangement)
 Adivi Sesh (Photo By Arrangement)

Even as the Shraddha Walker murder case has sent shockwaves across the country, the gruesome details of the young girl’s killing and the disposal of her mutilated body seem to find an echo in the upcoming film HIT 2.

The Adivi Sesh-starrer is the story of police officer Krishna Dev, who is investigating the brutal murder of a woman, coincidentally named Shraddha. The Major star acknowledges that the film has an ‘eerie similarity’ to that of the current Shraddha case. “It is really a gruesome coincidence that there’s a character in our movie called Shraddha too, and the film is about a similar case,” says Sesh.

“Towards the end of the film’s trailer, we show a glimpse of a case similar to that of the Delhi murder. When we first heard about the Delhi case, we were horrified about the heinous crime,” the actor says, but clarifies that the director wrote the script a year before the real incident happened in May.

That led to the question whether cinema/art is a reflection of society or vice-versa. Sesh feels both can be true. “Moreover, if someone wants to commit a crime, he can get inspired by anything or anyone, even by a neighbour, not necessarily cinema,” he points out.

Sesh plays a sarcastic, laid-back but intelligent cop investigating a serial killer in HIT 2. The actor has been his fittest ever since he started shooting for the film during the climax of Major.

After an early jolt, Sesh scored five consecutive superhits (Kshanam, Ami Thumi, Goodachari, Evaru and Major), a rarity in the current scenario. It looks like he has hit a purple patch. Does he see this as the best phase in his career?

“If you look at Amitabh Bachchan Sir, he ruled the roost till the 80’s and 90’s and then there was a setback. He bounced back in 2000 and now he’s a legend. So different phases are part of anyone’s career,” he responds, adding that the point is to learn and move on in life.

Sesh has become synonymous with thriller films. So, does he feel it’s a risk to try other genres?

“The biggest hit in my career (Major) is not a thriller film, it’s a biopic. I am always game to get into other genres because I want other facets of my acting to be shown. But I like to keep the audience guessing,” he says, explaining his love for the thriller genre.  

As an outsider, the success of the 12 years that Sesh has spent in the film industry is particularly noteworthy. “When I was new to the industry, I thought if we get to a certain stage, it means we are successful. But not anymore! Every film is unique,” he explains, adding that he has realised that the goal is to enjoy the process and cherish outcomes.

Sesh is grateful for the credibility he has gained, and the fact that the audience believes that there’s a certain ‘thoughtfulness and quality’ associated with his films. The trade too appreciates his efforts, he notes. He’s been a screenwriter, actor and once a director. But Sesh believes that writing has uncovered a new dimension in him. “Writing is literally the backbone of my career,” he says.

“Writing compliments my approach to character, and makes me clinical. If a story doesn’t interest me, I chuck it immediately. Hard work is not glamorous, but the truth is that only hard work gets you there. I am slogging and pushing myself everyday but people don’t realise that fame is the end result of hard work,” he says, adding ironically, “It took me 12 years to become an overnight success.”

In the OTT era where stars and superstars are fading out and audiences in theatres are dwindling, Sesh feels that a superstar and a film with great content is a phenomenal combination. “The biggest hit (Major) in my career came after the pandemic. The audience always likes to watch good content. But stars are important because they are an inspiration to youngsters,” he points out.



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