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Never thought I'd become a glam girl: Rashmi Gautam

Deccan Chronicle| suresh kavirayani

Published on: October 23, 2017 | Updated on: October 23, 2017

Rashmi Gautam talks about her upcoming film and confesses that she is comfortable with the glam' tag.

Rashmi Gautam

Rashmi Gautam

Popular television anchor and actress Rashmi Gautam is gearing up for her film Next Nuvve. "After a long time, I am wearing a sari onscreen and am happy about it. In TV shows and films, people mostly see me in modern outfits," says Rashmi. Describing her role in the film as ‘glamorous’, she reveals that she plays Brahmaji’s sister. Interestingly, her character in the film is also called Rashmi.

"It’s a concept-based film and every character is important. So you can’t really say who is lead in it," explains Rashmi, adding that she has no qualms if people call her a glamorous actress. 

"I have done several films in the past and tried various things. I have been around for long, and now this glamour quotient has worked out for me. So I don’t have any qualms if people call me a sex bomb," she says candidly, adding, "As long as these roles are justified, I am okay doing them. I have glamour and I am showing it off. After some years, even if I want to show it, I don’t think anyone will be ready to see it."

Rashmi feels that many actresses are trying to enter cinema by skin show. "There are so many girls who expose out of their personal choice. Compared to them, I am not even showing 30 per cent of my skin. I don’t have the best body in the world as I am a normal and regular girl. I never thought that I would become a glamorous girl like this, but it happened unexpectedly and I accepted it," says the actress, who confesses that she never had to try for anything in her life. 

"People are coming to me with different films and I am choosing from them," says Rashmi, who became popular after the TV show Jabardasth. Guntur Talkies eventually became a success, but she didn’t sign any film post that. 

When asked why she didn’t cash in on her popularity, the actress says, "I have never been desperate. I am looking for longevity in the industry and am working towards it." Rashmi reveals that she doesn’t mind filmmakers approaching her with the same kind of glam roles over and over again. "It’s okay. After some time they’ll get enamoured with some other thing," she says.

Talking about her sari avatar in Next Nuvve, Rashmi says, "A sari is the most glamorous and beautiful outfit ever. When people say that I look glamorous in a sari, I feel proud about it."

The actress also shares that some of her films, which she had signed six or seven years ago, are releasing now. "I signed a few small films many years back and those are releasing now. I only know about my career at present and don’t really bother about other things," she states.

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