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Gautam Nanda will be my best film, says Gopichand

Published Jul 24, 2017, 12:15 am IST
Updated Jul 24, 2017, 12:15 am IST
Tottempudi Gopichand
 Tottempudi Gopichand

Gopichand is confident about his upcoming film Gautam Nanda, which is set to release on Friday, July 28. The actor says that he loves the content and characters in the entertainer. “It’s the journey of a billionaire’s son who wants to know himself better and director Sampath had narrated it in a very interesting way,” says the 38-year-old actor.

Adding that his character, Ghattamaneni Gautam, showcases two shades of his personality, and it is not a double role, the action star says, “The film is definitely going to be one of the best films of my career. Sampath approached me with the complete script and also came up with character sketches too. I was impressed and immediately agreed to do the film. Then I sat with my hairstylist and the costume designer for finalising my look. For getting into the character, I observed a few people whenever I travelled, and thought how would I have behaved were I in their place.”

Nature of his films
Interestingly, last year, the actor did not appear in any film; and Gopichand believes that sometimes some plans do not work out. “Actually I planned one film last year, but then delayed it a bit. I feel that releasing the film late is a big plus point,” he says.

A lot of people in the industry also think that Gopichand is apt to do only action films. When asked how he felt about this generalisation, he replies, “I feel a pure love story subject may not work for me. So, I prefer action,  and even though it may be an entertainer, it needs two to three action scenes,” he says. He adds that the fighting scene should also be a part of the story and should not be forced.

The Drug Case
Talking about the present drug scandal that shook Tollywood, he says, “Even I read the news and it’s not only in the film industry, it is everywhere. I feel sad when I read in the news that even school kids are using drugs.”
Usually, many actors and directors are under pressure these days and when a film fails, they go into depression and resort to drugs to deal with it. But Gopichand thinks otherwise. “There’s pressure everywhere, not only in the film industry; it is there in business and in sports too. To come out of it, go for a movie, read a book or do exercise; this (drugs) is not the way. I personally feel that drug addiction is a weakness,” he says. 



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