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Sana Shanoor is keeping the spirit of Ramzan alive

Published Apr 24, 2021, 6:49 am IST
Updated Apr 24, 2021, 6:49 am IST
Actress Sana Shanoor is unfazed by injury
Shanoor Sana
 Shanoor Sana

Shanoor Sana, who is recuperating after a surgery necessitated by an accident on the sets of a Hindi web series at Uravakonda in Anantapur last month, is nevertheless keeping alive the spirit of Ramzan.

The actress hurt her left hand and elbow while performing a chase sequence.
“Last year, we couldn’t celebrate with extended family and friends because of COVID-19. This year too, we are in a similar situation, in fact, worse,” she says, but asserts that Ramzan is all about keeping one’s spirits up.


“We collectively fast, and assemble for Seheri and Iftar. I believe this is the best time to spend with the family. This season is all about togetherness,” says Sana.
This year, the actress is not able to fast because she is on medication as a result of her injury.

“But I continue my meditation and prayers because Ramzan is a season that radiates positivity. The divine power and the positive vibes keep us going and the whole body gets detoxed, so health-wise too it gives you peace and it is very rejuvenating,” she says.


Talking of the second wave of the pandemic which is now sweeping the country, Sana says, “I am always a positive person, but many of our near and dear ones have been suffering. Honestly, the  situation is scary. But we shouldn’t shy away from boosting people’s morale, giving pep talks, imparting energy and telling them that we all are together in these tough times,” she says.

Sana is keeping her family occupied with games and other activities to beat the stress. “We are a big joint family, so we have been spending time together and staying strong. I am just going with the flow and ensuring that we follow all the health protocols,” she shares.


“Once the lockdown was lifted, I saw several people on the roads without masks, and not following guidelines. I was scared. Just when things started to improve, the second wave hit,” she says, adding that we have only ourselves to blame for the present situation.

On a lighter note, the actress jokes that her current injury is a sign that she needs to slow down and go easy. “Else, I would have gone to work every day despite the situation outside being so bad. The injury made me take a break and chill,” she smiles.

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