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Loser 2 web series review

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Published on: January 24, 2022 | Updated on: January 25, 2022

'Loser 2' is an emotional drama that lives up to the hype created by the makers

Loser 2 poster

Loser 2 poster

No loser, this series

Web Series: Loser 2
Director: Abhilash Reddy
Cast: Priyadarshi, Kalpika Ganesh, Sashankh and others

Review: Loser 2 starts off where the first season ended. After winning the national championship, Suri Yadav (Priyadarshi) gets a job through sports quota but soon starts facing barbs. Rubi (Kalpika Ganesh) ditches her husband and starts planning for her divorce. Finally, Wilson (Sashankh) comes out of his trauma and begins planning to help his son become a fast bowler.

Loser 2 is all about the difficulties these three face and come through them. The makers have done a very good job in bringing across emotions in the second season. Each episode unravels slowly but impressively. The setting is bigger and more contemporary this time, with the storyline and the issues faced by the characters quite relatable.

Added to it, the narrative binds well with the gripping performances of the cast. Every actor is terrific in their respective roles. Priyadarshi leads the pack with his confident yet subtle performance, taking care not to ever go overboard. Kalpika Ganesh takes on the role of a lifetime and is very good as Rubi Shabana. Sashankh, as an aged Wilson, is amazing, and Harshith Reddy, who plays Wilson’s son, is even better.

Loser 2 has some great visuals, especially considering it’s a Telugu show. And it’s evident that the filmmaker has worked very hard on the visuals. The technical department, like the camera team and production design, need a special mention too. There’s a lot of nice work gone into creating backdrops that highlight the trauma caused to each character in the show. The background music score is also lovely.

However, the show dulls a little in the 6th episode. Some scenes in the story look predictable and seem like an addition only to enhance the drama. Even so, Abhilash has done a very good job directing the series, with enough in it to engage his audiences.

Loser 2 is an emotional drama that surely lives up to the hype created by the makers. The episodes are simple and short, with not too many distractions. And for a (refreshing) change, there’s also no sleaze or swearing and the show can be enjoyed with family.

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