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I am taking one step at a time, says Akhil Akkineni

Published Jan 24, 2019, 12:04 am IST
Updated Jan 24, 2019, 12:04 am IST
Ahead of his third release, Akhil Akkineni reflects on his past failures and admits that he is single and ready to mingle.
Akhil Akkineni
 Akhil Akkineni

His debut film drew a blank, but Akhil Akkineni firmly believes that his upcoming film Mr Majnu is the perfect genre for him. 

“Director Venky had narrated the story to me before my debut film, but I had other commitments, so he waited for all this time,” says Akhil, confessing that he learnt a lot of lessons from the failure of his first film.

“I don’t know whether it was my fault or someone else’s fault, but I was extremely disappointed that my first film was a total washout. Over-expectations and pressure were my worst enemies and my biggest fear too. A lot of things did not work for me and I tried to be something that I was not. But finally, I am in a phase where I am just trying to do what I can,” says the actor.

Akhil also admits that it takes a long time to win back the trust of the audience. “Whether you are a star kid or not, it all depends on the actor and how he/she can get the audience to the theatre. Now, I am taking one step at a time and learning slowly,” he says. 

Sadly, the actor’s second film Hello also did not do as well as expected. “Yes, the film was not up to our expectations, but it gave me the confidence that I can bring the audience in to the theatres. If Hello had been my debut film, the numbers would have played out differently,” feels Akhil, who reveals that he started from scratch for Mr Majnu. 

“Director Venky and I sat for a few weeks and analysed the mistakes I made in my first two films. He gave me a few suggestions about body language, diction and mannerisms which I put into this film,” shares Akhil, who plays a playboy turned lover in his upcoming film. 

“Mr Majnu is a modern and passionate lover and he loves to be around girls, they love him too,” he says with a laugh. However, he is quick to add that he is nothing like the role he is in real life. “All my staff is male and the same age group as me. I am now single and while I was working on this film, director Venky was my girlfriend,” says Akhil in lighter vein.

When asked if he is ready to mingle, the actor replies, “I hope to meet someone. I am taking a break after this film’s release and hope that I have someone to mingle with!”

Interestingly, Mr Majnu is inspired from his grandfather’s Prem Nagar. But Akhil is quick to point out, “The two films are different although Venky is a big ANR fan and is greatly inspired by his Prem Nagar.” He adds, “The dialogue Excuse me Miss is taken from that film.”

Akhil also shares that father Nagarjuna always gives advice and inputs before the start of any film. “He gives his inputs during the narration and after the film is done too, but he never forces anyone to take his advice,” says the doting son.



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