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HanuMan is the first Telugu superhero film: Prasanth Varma

Published Aug 23, 2021, 6:35 pm IST
Updated Aug 23, 2021, 6:35 pm IST
Prasanth Varma
 Prasanth Varma

When the director, who rose to fame with National-Award winning 2018-film, Awe, announced a film titled Hanu-Man a couple of months ago, many thought it was an animated film. However, he dismissed the rumour, clarifying that the film is a live-action entertainer.

Hanu-Man is the first original superhero film in Telugu,” shares Prasanth Varma, adding that the film is inspired by the Hindu god Hanuman. The director says that he was always fascinated with superhero films since childhood and had wanted to become one in his childhood. So it was natural that he dreamt of making a superhero film, too.

As for the title of the film, Prasanth says he chose it because it was a dedication to many who, when they think of any superpower or a superhero in Hindu mythology, we remember Lord Hanuman. In the film, the name of the protagonist is Hanu-Man.

“The film, of which we have completed 40% of the shooting, is about the consequences of a commoner getting superpower,” the director states, adding that his protagonist, played by Teja Sajja, is quite different from Lord Hanuman. Speaking of the lead actor in the film, we wonder why the director preferred an actor who is just two films old for such a high-budget film.

“I want a new face because the audience has to believe that a common man can do wonders if he gets powers. So for that believability factor, I had to get an underdog,” he replies.  Promising that the film will be a “visual extravaganza”, Prasanth Varma tells us that it will be high on VFX, which will make up for around 35% of the film.

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