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It’s heart-wrenching to open social media: Nikki Galrani

Published May 23, 2021, 10:13 am IST
Updated May 23, 2021, 10:13 am IST
Actress Nikki Galrani says recent events have made her family stronger as a unit
Nikki Galrani
 Nikki Galrani

Although Nikki Galrani’s parents live in Bengaluru, she has been based in Chennai for the last six years. The actress finds spending time alone during the lockdown very challenging.

“During last year’s lockdown too I was alone and it was tough to see it through,” she reminisces. “It’s a different feeling, having parents around. But I have been in touch with them over the phone, constantly checking on their well-being.”
“This second wave is more depressing and scarier,” she says, adding that some of her friends had lost their parents to the pandemic.


“It’s been challenging at times to stay positive, but I am trying to find my way out,” she shares, adding that she finds it scary to open social media, as it makes her feel helpless. “Social media messages are all about COVID-19, lack of oxygen beds and cylinders, ICU beds, etc. I feel terrible to see such messages. It’s a very heavy feeling, but I have been doing my bit to spread awareness,” she says, and expresses the hope that the dreadful situation will end soon.

Tough times toughen you up

On another front, Nikki and her family had a tough time last time when her sister, actress Sanjjanaa Galrani, was arrested on charges of involvement in the drug scandal that has shaken Sandalwood. Sanjjanaa was later granted bail by the Karnataka High Court.


“My sister is getting better; it was a difficult phase last year for the entire family. We had to go through a lot emotionally. But having said that, as a family we got her back and we are always there for her,” says Nikki, adding that the entire episode made the family stronger.

“We are tougher now. Whatever happened has made all of us come together and support each other, it showed that we are a cohesive unit.”

The Galrani sisters are popular across South cinema, and Nikki, says the two of them are more like friends than sisters. “It’s tough on me personally too, but we know that the truth will come out ultimately,” she asserts.


Grateful for opportunities

Having been in showbiz for over seven years, with over 30 films in all South Indian languages under her belt, Nikki feels she has had a dream run so far.

“I have evolved as an actress by working in each industry. There isn’t much difference when you talk about the art as such, but I have learnt the languages to get my emotions right.” she reveals, and says that she is grateful for the opportunities she got. 

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