Will Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Revive TRPs for Star Maa?

New season of Bigg Boss Telugu is all set to entertain the audience. The show is starting its seventh season on September 3. They've built a big set at Annapurna Studio, and guess what? Nagarjuna is still the host this time. But everyone's doubt is that will this season bring back the high ratings the show used to have? The last three seasons weren't as popular because the contestants weren't well-known and the games were kind of boring. Let's see if they can fix that this time.

Past Problems:

The last three seasons of Bigg Boss Telugu didn't do well in terms of ratings. One reason was that not many people knew the contestants, so they didn't care much. The games they played were also not very interesting, which made people lose interest. Because of this, not many people watched the show, and the ratings went down.

New Changes:

The people in charge of Bigg Boss Telugu seem to have realized their mistakes. They're trying hard to make the seventh season more exciting. The short videos they've released to promote the new season are getting people excited. They're showing new things and surprises, which is making people curious about the show.

For this season, they're being careful about who they choose as contestants. They're getting well-known people and even some rumored couples to join. This is a smart move because it could get more viewers who didn't watch before. By having famous people and regular folks together, Bigg Boss Telugu 7 might interest a wider audience.

Meanwhile, though people are getting excited about the new season, the show's producers have made some decisions that upset fans. They had re-released old promos for Bigg Boss 7, and some people aren't happy about it. With such steps from the makers, people are worried that the show might not live up to their expectations.

As Bigg Boss Telugu 7 gets ready to start, a lot of its success will depend on how well they handle the changes they've made. We have to wait and see if the new contestants and promos can keep people watching. Bigg Boss Telugu 7 has a chance to become popular again, but they need to keep the viewers engaged and excited all season long. Let's see what happens

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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