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Samantha sported floral jewelery imported from Amsterdam

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Published on: February 22, 2022 | Updated on: February 22, 2022

Her first glimpse in Shaakuntalam is stunning!

Samantha in Shakuntalam

Samantha in Shakuntalam

After introducing us to the grand sets, the makers of Samantha's upcoming mythological drama Shaakuntalam shared a mesmerising first look poster of the actor on Monday. Samantha is seen seated on a rock in a forest surrounded by animals and birds. She looks elegant in a flower-embellished blouse, white sari and accessories.

Extensive research went into Samantha’s wardrobe for the part, says the films’ director Gunasekhar. According to mythology, Shakuntala spent her childhood in an ashram set among trees, on the banks of the Malini river, in the company of animals and birds of the forest. That was the ambience the poster sought to replicate, he explained.

"The trees, birds and animals are also characters in the film," says Gunasekhar. "For instance, the character Shakuntala names the deer Netrika. She makes friends with the animals as part of her upbringing."

Revealing that technology was used to achieve a mythological feel, the filmmaker says, "It’s a blend of mythological look with modern technology."
Revealing that Samantha had to reduce weight for her role, the director says she worked out a lot to achieve her physical transformation.

Neelima and Gunasekhar

"Samantha also had to attend a few workshop sessions to adopt the classical body language for her part," says Gunasekhar, adding that the actress herself did extensive research to understand the depth in her role.

Neeta Lulla has done the styling for the actress. Producer Neelima Guna says meticulous planning went into the process. "Since Shakuntala was raised in a forest ashram, we used floral accessories. In fact, this jewellery was imported from Amsterdam," says Neelima, adding that the accessories were customised to suit the current generation.

A different type of jewellery was used for Samantha in her role of a queen.  "At times, Samantha garu suffered from rashes while sporting floral jewellery. But she applied medication and continued to wear it. It was also a bit heavy for her, but she went that extra mile. Her efforts were truly inspiring," shares Neelima.  

Talking of Neeta Lulla, the producer said, "Neetaji ably put everything together and came up with comprehensive designs that appeal to today's youth. Working with her has been an enriching experience."

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