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Hamsa Nandini fights back injury

Published Feb 22, 2021, 4:10 am IST
Updated Feb 22, 2021, 4:10 am IST
Actress Hamsa Nandini suffered a cervical back pain while shooting for Adhinetha, more than a decade ago
Hamsa Nandini
 Hamsa Nandini

Hamsa Nandini seems to be struggling with major back problems for the last month or so. Trouble with her back had started for the actress in 2009 when shooting for the film Adhinetha.

A then untrained Hamsa Nandini had suffered a spinal injury while performing an action sequence for the film. Recounting the experience, the Mirchi actress shared that she’d gone to a doctor back then, who told her that her cervical back has been damaged badly.


“I was told that I cannot dance, shoot or do action sequences any more. I was also asked to quit acting and told that I had to undergo a spinal surgery for recovery,” the actress recounts.

Tackling her back head on

Despite the doctor’s advice, the actress chose to cure the injury naturally. “I didn’t mind waiting and started doing yoga, sports physiotherapy and other back and neck exercises regularly since then,” says Hamsa.

“I even had physiotherapists on the sets of the 2015-film Rudhramadevi and the 2014-film Legend and have been constantly working against the doctor’s advice.”


In fact, she tells us, she started to dance more in special songs after the injury ensuring she was cautious, travelling extensively for more than 100 shows while her back recovered majorly.

Nagging pain back again

However, the recent lockdown caused much disruption in her routine, causing her to suffer extreme pain in her back again. “My physiotherapist wasn’t available, and I’d been exercising on my own and not regularly enough,” she says.

“Besides that, I’ve extensively taken up projects based on dance. So, all these added to the injury.”


Talking about how restricted her neck movements are now, Hamsa says that she has been in severe pain for almost a month. However, the actress is optimistic that her recovery mode will be fast.

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