Upasana upset with PM Modi

The South Film Industry was completely neglected.

On Saturday, notable celebs from the creative and entertainment field including Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan were part of, “Change Within”, an open discussion, hosted by Narendra Modi, on the role artistes can play in the creative field to spread the awareness and messages of Mahatma Gandhi on the occasion of his 150th birth anniversary.

Tollywood producer Dil Raju and actress Rakul Preet Singh were present at the event, but Upasana (actor Ram Charan’s wife) felt that there was not enough representation from the South.

Taking up the issue, Upasana, who is also an entrepreneur, wrote, “Dearest Modi ji, we in the south of INDIA admire you and are proud to have you as our PM. With all due respect, we felt that the representation of leading personalities, cultural icons at the event was limited only to Hindi artists. The South Film Industry was completely neglected. I hereby express my feelings with pain and hope it’s taken in the right spirit (sic).”

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