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Will Ashok Selvan debut in Telugu?

Published Mar 21, 2017, 12:18 am IST
Updated Mar 21, 2017, 12:18 am IST
Ashok Selvan
 Ashok Selvan

If all goes well, Tamil actor Ashok Selvan could make his debut in Telugu cinema. It is learnt that the Pizza 2 actor has been approached by Bharat Varma for a love entertainer, with co-star Swathi Deekshit.

“Ashok is keen to broaden his audience base and would love to venture into Telugu cinema. But he wants to be extra sure that this is the right film to do so. He will take his time before making a decision as to whether he would star in the film or not,” shares a source.

Apparently, after listening to the narration, the actor promised to think about it as he felt the story had scope to work well. But being an established actor, making a debut in another language is a big deal and he has decided to think it through. “Things are still being worked out,” adds the source. It is to be seen whether the actor will give a green signal to the film or not.    



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