Balakrishna is sweetest actor, says Prashanth Varma

New-age director Prashanth Varma, awaiting the release of his much-hyped socio-fantasy 'Hanu-Man,' claimed he is in talks with Nandamuri Balakrishna for a big-ticket film. "I am a big fan of Balakrishna's films like 'Bhairavadweepam' and 'Aditya 369,' says Prashanth Varma at a promotional event and adds, "I requested Balakrishna Garu to watch my upcoming film 'Hanu-Man' and then decide about working with me," he added.

Actually, Prashanth got an opportunity to work with Balakrishna while making interesting promos for the talk show 'Unstoppable NBK' and got some time to spend with the scion of the Nandamuri family. "Balakrishna is the sweetest among the actors I have worked with. While fans of Balakrishna were asking about doing a film together, even Balakrishna didn't mind. But I urged him to watch my film 'Hanu-Man' and then take a call. I wish to make a larger-than-life movie with him," he concludes.

No doubt, Balakrishna prefers to work with younger directors like Gopichand Malineni, Anil Ravipudi and Bobby these days. He would definitely work with Prashanth if they find the right script, since Prashanth is gaining credence as a director who thinks out of the box and delivers unique themes.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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