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A penchant for biopics!

Published Nov 20, 2019, 12:24 am IST
Updated Nov 20, 2019, 12:24 am IST
Youngster Sandeep Madhav, last seen in Ram Gopal Varma’s Vangaveeti, is now playing George Reddy in the eponymous film.
Sandeep Madhav
 Sandeep Madhav

Director Ram Gopal Varma’s Vangaveeti is among the numerous biopics in the Telugu film industry, with both main roles in the film —that of Vangaveeti Radha and Ranga played by actor Sandeep Madhav or Sandy.

“After RGV announced the film, he dropped the idea as he didn’t get the right person to play the main role. But that same evening, he met me and proclaimed that he had found his Ranga in me,” reveals Sandeep about his first major role in a biopic.


Born in Thallapudi, Sandy completed his schooling and graduation in Vanasthalipuram and shares that even as a child, he was always interested to join films.

“My uncle Narayana Rao is a popular stage artiste in Kakinada and he was my inspiration. From my childhood, I would follow him around and even acted in a few stage plays in my school,” he recalls.

Sandeep adds, “From 2009, I did a few small roles in some films, but director Puri Jagan gave me the first good opportunity in his Jyothy Lakshmi. Puri Sir taught me a lot about acting and how hard work pays off, and working with him was a big learning experience for me.”


That is also the time when RGV saw him and approached him for his biopic, Vangaveeti. “I played both Radha and Ranga in that film. RGV sent a picture and asked me to do a photo shoot, which I did on my own. He then explained both the roles to me, according to which I performed,” recalls Sandy.

The film did very well and earned the actor a very good name. Given that it was embroiled in a big controversy, did he face any trouble? “No, I didn’t get any calls, because no one knew about me at that time,” he says, even as he reveals an interesting story about the film.


“RGV sent the first look of Ranga to Puri Jagan for his opinion. Puri Jagan liked it and actually enquired who the artiste was as he couldn’t recognise me even though I had worked with him till that night!” narrates Sandy.

Subsequently, the actor was approached for many biopics and political dramas, but turned them all down. “I wanted to take my own time to do a good film, which is when my friend and director Jeevan Reddy wanted to start George Reddy’s biopic. Although he wanted me to do the role, there was only one small video of George Reddy available. I went on to meet a few old students and friends of George Reddy to get to know more about him,” says Sandy, who underwent rigorous training in preparation for the role.


“It took me nearly nine months to get into the role. First, I learnt boxing from a trainer Arjun at Medchal and then spent another three months in physical training. While I read a lot about George Reddy, Jeevan also helped me by narrating the story” Sandy reveals, adding, “I never thought that I would act in two important biopic films, one after another. I continue to get the same kind of offers, but I want to do a commercial film now. I am ready to do any role, but it should be prominent.”