Allu Arjun gives a fan'tastic reply on Pawan Kalyan

Allu Arjun blames a section of the fans who are irksome and provocative at times.

It’s not easy being ‘Power Star’ Pawan Kalyan’s relative as a section of PK’s fans can be very irksome. Facing the brunt now is Allu Arjun. For no real fault of his, the superstar has been their target ever since he ignored their demand — “to comment on Power Star”. The fans took it as a big insult and are creating more trouble for him.

Being family, Allu Arjun decided to clarify his stand on Pawan Kalyan, and end the fans menace. As one of the special guests at the audio launch of his cousin Niharika’s debut film Oka Manasu in Hyderabad, Arjun started his speech with “Power Star” and ended with “Power Star”!

The actor came prepared with his excuse. “Some fans formed a group and started shouting about ‘Power Star’ in our functions, which is alright. But you are doing the same for other stars’ functions too. A top director and a big star told me, ‘see what your fans are doing... why are they obstructing our functions!’ During big events, every artiste wants to talk about their personal feelings, but the fans keep obstructing them. Though they (the stars) like/respect Power Star very much, it’s their own function and should be allowed to speak,” says Allu Arjun. He added that the fans should respect other stars and their fans, too, otherwise the Mega family actors would lose their respect.

Because of the fans yelling at the Vijayawada function, he had decided not to talk about Pawan Kalyan. “I stopped talking not because I am against Pawan Kalyan. He is one of the guiding forces behind me and I have spoken about Power Star hundreds of times. But because of the fans’ behaviour everyone felt very bad, especially Chiranjeevi garu who actually gave us the platform,” added Arjun.

“I have never been in any controversy, so I decided to remain calm when I spoke to the media. But even though it created another controversy, I wanted to use this opportunity and clarify,” he says. “I am in a very sensitive position at the moment because of three continuous hits. So people may say that I have become headstrong and am behaving like this. But it is not correct,” he clarifies.

“Pawan Kalyan garu has told me on many occasions that his achievements are because of his elder brother Chiranjeevi and he respects him a lot. But you people even embarrassed Chiranjeevi garu by shouting ‘Power Star’. I felt that there should be a limit to this as you spoil the image of all actors in front of the media and public. I was hurt and pained by it. That’s the reason I didn’t speak about Pawan Kalyan,” explains Allu Arjun.

Just as Allu Arjun completed his speech and was about to leave, Ram Charan, the other cousin of Niharika, entered the auditorium. It was like a family event as Niharika’s other cousin Sai Dharam Tej, uncle Allu Aravind and her parents attended the function.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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