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Ram Asur movie review

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Published on: November 19, 2021 | Updated on: November 21, 2021

Ram Asur is a film with a novel concept idea wise

Abhinav Sardhar from the film Ram Asur

Abhinav Sardhar from the film Ram Asur

Film: Ram Asur movie review
Cast: Abhinav Sardhar, Sherry Agarwal, Chandini, Ram Karthik and others
Director: Triparna Venkatesh

Ram Asur is a film with a novel concept idea wise. The movie intertwines the lives of individuals with a diamond. That sounds like a crime-comedy, caper, or thriller, but things don’t turn out as expected.

Ram (Ram Karthik) tries to make a synthetic diamond. He tries hard but doesn’t get lucky, leading to scars in his relationship with Priya (Sherry Agarwal). They break up, and Ram is disturbed at all the failures. With the help of a friend, Ram meets Ramachari (Shubhalekha Sudhakar), a scholar from Vaidishwarun Koil, Tamil Nadu, with the intention of recovering from the bad phase of his life. At his suggestion, Ram tries to meet a man named Suri (Abhinav Sardar). Who Suri is and how Ram’s life changes after meeting him forms the rest of the story.  

Abhinav Sardar plays the pivotal role of Suri in the film. He dishes out an impressive performance and portrays multiple shades of coolness and aggression with poise. Ram Karthik does justice to the role of Ram. Apart from romance, he also excels in the action sequences. Sherry Agarwal adds a bit of glamour to the film’s canvas.

Ram Asur shines in parts as it brings to the fore an untouched concept of artificial diamond making. However, budget constraints and commercial trappings don’t allow the glitter to last long. Most of the first half delves into Ram’s character, his love life, and touches the core only as it slowly inches towards the interval. But in the second half, director Venkatesh Triparna ensures that the film moves at breakneck speed.  

Writer-director Venkatesh should get a pat on the back for picking such a complex storyline and trying hard to make it work. Most of the film is carried by Abhinav Sardar, who spices up the proceedings from the time he shows up on screen. The movie is laced with fun, emotion, romance, and all the typical elements required for a commercial entertainer. This worked to an extent, but slackened the pace of the film. Low-budget filmmaking is another problem.  

A major strength of this film is the music by Bhims. The background score is adequate. The cinematography and action episodes breathe some life into the film. The production values are in line with the level of the film.

Overall, Ram Asur introduces a new concept to the Telugu audience. This could have become a real diamond had there been more meat in some scenes, and the budget was enough to translate such a concept to the screen.

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