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Adivi Sesh on cloud nine

Published Aug 19, 2019, 12:25 am IST
Updated Aug 19, 2019, 12:25 am IST
Adivi Sesh
 Adivi Sesh

Adivi Sesh is in seventh heaven…going on eighth. His latest film Evaru, which opened on August 15, has garnered huge appreciation from audiences.

The actor confessed that he hadn’t imagined such a reception for the movie. “Quite honestly, we didn’t expect this kind of an opening. It is far beyond our expectations,” says Sesh adding, “We had put our heart and soul into creating a crime drama like never before. A whole lot of thought went into the changes from the source material (the Spanish film, The Invisible Guest). We made sure there was no immediate similarity between the two.”

On set, hands-on

Adivi Sesh is known to be hands-on in the creative process of every film. So how much had he contributed to the script of Evaru?

“This time, I can honestly say I left everything to my director Venkat Ramji. But, of course, I am not the kind of actor who can sit in his vanity van waiting to be called for a shot. I was hands-on, always on the set. When I needed to cool off, I’d rush into the van for a few minutes. But I would rush back, too, as I couldn’t tear myself away from the set for too long.” What does he have to say about fans complaining that the leading lady Regina Cassandra has a larger role in Evaru than him?

“I think I am too selfish an actor to be concerned about the length of my role. I’m just happy with the film working in totality.”

Celebration plans

We wonder if the Evaru team is looking at celebrating the success.

“For the next 15 days, we are only going to be thinking about promoting Evaru until it reaches its optimum level of success. We’re  looking at taking the film as high as it can go. We can think of celebrations after that,” says Sesh. The actor then talks of how grateful he is for all the support that he’s received right from the beginning of his career. “All the maestros of Telugu cinema, from Nagarjuna Sir to Samantha to Allu Arjun, have all gone out of their way to support me and to recommend my films,” adds Sesh. Now, we are curious if he would want to work again with director Venkat Ramji. “After Evaru the question is if he would like to work with me again,” says Sesh modestly.



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