Prabhas’ intense love story

Director Radhakrishna talks about Prabhas playing the protagonist in his upcoming film, Radhe Shyam

For someone who is one-film old, director Radhakrishna could seem to be walking into a litmus test by choosing to direct Prabhas in his latest, Radhe Shyam, especially after the latter’s phenomenally successful last releases Baahubali and Sahoo.

However, the director appears to be confident as he tells us that he did not let the pressure of expectations get the better of him or affect his work. “Of course, there are a few senses of mine that are still numb,” he adds jokingly.

Now with the first look of Radhe Shyam having released a few days ago, Radhakrishna informs us that the unit is thrilled with the response it has got. The director, however, goes on to admit that the unit was indeed a bit apprehensive about the poster.

“The film is a period romantic drama, and through our first-look poster, we wanted to convey something in a poetic manner. Although I have read a few memes on social media teasing the poster, overall, we are glad with the response,” Radhakrishna says. The director who made Jil agrees that the story is the ultimate driving force. “So with a star like Prabhas, we are confident that he can aptly convey the emotional quotient essential to the role,” Radhakrishna explains.

Working with a star

The director refuses to reveal Prabhas’ character yet, but he simultaneously assures us that the intense love story is a first-of-its-kind for the Baahubali star. “Prabhas’ onscreen transformation from an action hero to a lover boy will blow the audience away,” says Radhakrishna, admitting also that the expectations for the film are huge.

“Prabhas is a star and it is natural for fans to want to see him in interesting roles, but that’s what exactly we are trying to do show him in a completely new light. We hope his image helps us succeeding in trying something different here.”

So how was it working with a super star like Prabhas, we ask the director.

“Honestly, working with him in my second film itself is a great privilege. Over that, to be able to make a film for the kind of markets and audiences he caters to is doubly thrilling,” adds Radhakrishna. “If truth be told, this story has the potential to be told on a larger scale, and I am simply grateful that Prabhas believes in me and my story.”

In fact, Radhakrishna also points out how the romantic entertainer, which has already seen its share of delays even before the lockdown, made it through largely because Prabhas’ positive attitude.

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