Remarriage would be a bad investment: Samantha

The actress appears set to remain single

Samantha seems to have ruled out entering wedlock again. During an interaction with fans in an #Askmeanythingsession on her Insta stories on Sunday, she said, “Would be a bad investment, according to statistics,” in reply to a question if she would ever consider remarrying.

“Do you think about marrying again?” was what a fan asked her. She seemed to have done some detailed research into the subject, as her reply was backed by statistics on divorce. She added data on divorce rates in the post.

The actress fielded several questions on life and health during the session, and took a philosophical approach to some things. “The worst year is ending,” said a Netizen, Sam responded with, “I feel ya” and added a heart emoji.

Another fan commented, “All these days, you think you know yourself then life brings you some surprises.” She replied, “Some good. Some bad. But that’s what makes you so uniquely you.”

“Do you believe in miracles?” asked one fan. “Yes I do,” Sam said categorically. “Whatever happens, at the end of the day, you’re the only one that matters, so prioritize yourself” counselled yet another Netizen. “Yasssss” approved Sam, and added, “This is for everyone!!" When one fan asked her, “What is the one thing you are manifesting for the upcoming year?” she replied, “Good health.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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