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Baahubali 2 takes Pakistan by storm

Published May 18, 2017, 12:13 am IST
Updated May 18, 2017, 12:13 am IST
Baahubali 2 movie poster
 Baahubali 2 movie poster

After India, it’s Pakistan’s turn to be gripped by the Baahubali 2 fever, where it’s running to packed houses in all the 100 odd theatres. This is the first dubbed regional film to release in Pakistan in a very long time, and do a business of more than 4.5 crore in Pakistani currency.

According to Kishore Kedari, Business Development Head, Arka Media Works, the Pakistan audiences have lapped the film up. “It is a huge success in all the major cities in Pakistan.” Kedari revealed.

According to veteran Pakistani distributor Amjad Rasheed, who released the film there, “The film has especially got a huge response in single screens, even though it purports mythology and Hindu tradition to a certain extent.” Rasheed reckons that it is the daredevil action, the thrill, and outstanding special effects that have appealed to the audiences. “There were initial problems in the film’s release due to apprehensions about getting a clearance from the Pakistan Censor Board,” Rasheed reveals. However, the film received an “all-clear” status from the Pakistan Censor Board, no mean feat considering the PCB is extra scrupulous about clearing films. “Baahubali 2 was passed without a single cut since the PCB did not find anything objectionable in the film,” Rashid says. The film is expected to touch the 6 crore Pakistani Rupees mark at the box-office.

The president of the Indian Film Exporters Association, Hirachand Dand, hails the success of Baahubali 2 in Pakistan, “It’s a big achievement.” The film has also opened a new market for dubbed Hindi releases in Pakistan. “It has also changed the trend of only the three Khans defying box-office records in the overseas territory,” he says.



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