Making good of the bad

Director Subbu Vedula talks about his forthcoming film, Raahu.

Director Subbu Vedula’s says that his upcoming film, Raahu, which has been garnering curiosity for its title, falls under ‘house invasion’ genre.

“Principally, Raahu is a thriller, but it belongs to ‘house invasion’ genre as the story majorly revolves around how a girl fights her way back after being trapped in a house. I believe this is an unexplored genre, which is why I attempted it,” explains Subbu.

For the film’s leading lady, we hear that the director auditioned several actresses before zeroing in on Kritika Garg. “I gave Kritika around five scenes during the audition, she looked very natural in her performance and fit the bill perfectly,” he reveals adding that

AbeRaam Varma too delivered a commanding performance.

For someone who worked in Wall Street, Subbu admits that sacrificing a lucrative career for films is a risky proportion.

“But I was fascinated with films and I like storytelling. I even shot an independent film in the US, apart from pursuing fine arts from New York University,” he reveals adding that writer and producer Kona Venkat was instrumental in getting him into films.

Subbu, who was born and raised in Vizag, worked as an observer for some of Kona Venkat films such as Sankarabharanam, and eventually made his directorial debut with Raahu.

Justifying the title Raahu, he states, “I feel bad is the new good; certain things that have radical content has to be told in a certain way, so I feel the title is justified.”

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