Samantha to tie up with a corporate house for production?

Glam diva Samantha Ruth Prabhu, is reportedly in talks with leading corporate houses in Mumbai for a formal tie up to dish out more films. Actually, Samantha has announced her production house Tralala Moving Pictures to dish out content which strikes a chord with new generation viewers.

“Samantha has a strong mind and also a good judge of scripts,” says a source and adds, “She is talking to corporate houses in Mumbai since she needs necessary funding and support to dish out more films,” he adds.

Despite being a top-rung heroine, Samantha would be drawing anywhere between Rs to 3 to 4 crore per film and does one or two films a year. “A small budget film these days is costing anywhere between Rs 10 to 12 crores including promotional cost so she can’t afford to bankroll projects just on her earnings alone and needs some support,” he points out.

Earlier, Samantha had said that it would be a “nurturing place” and a platform for filmmakers to tell “meaningful” stories. “Tralala Moving Pictures aims to produce content representative of new age expression and thought. A nurturing space which invites and encourages stories that speaks to the strength and complexity of our social fabric. And a platform for filmmakers to tell stories that are meaningful, authentic and universal (Inspired from one of my favourite songs growing up. Brown girl is in the ring now’, she had stated.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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