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Entertainment Tollywood 16 Aug 2019 Saaho, an optical th ...

Saaho, an optical thrill

Published Aug 16, 2019, 12:36 am IST
Updated Aug 16, 2019, 3:07 am IST
Close to the release of his much-anticipated action thriller, Sujeeth speaks about his apprehensions and wishes for Sahoo.
Prabhas in Sahoo
 Prabhas in Sahoo

Sujeeth, the young director of the much anticipated Saaho, starring Prabhas,  shares his experience of making the film. “I understand Prabhas’ fans want to see a film that will equal Baahubali in scale and content, and I hope Saaho doesn’t disappoint,” says Sujeeth. The director thinks it very impractical to compare his upcoming film with Baahubali.

“Everything about Saaho is different from Baahubali. That’s how Prabhas wanted it to be, too. The kind of hard work and dedication he has put into Saaho is hard to find anywhere else. I want the film to work for Prabhas Sir more than I do for anyone else. Then, I want it to work for my producers, who have been generous and considerate. They never questioned the costs. And even when they did, it was like my mother asking why I spent on such a fancy pair of shoes,” says a grateful Sujeeth.


The next person the young director wishes Saaho to succeed for is his mother.

“My mother has been praying so hard. And when she reads some arrogant statements in the press, where I am reported as having compared myself to Rajamouli Sir, for instance, she asks me why I speak like that. But the truth is I have never compared myself to Rajamouli Sir. And yet, I know there have been headlines quoting me as comparing myself to Raja Sir. Honestly, I don’t speak to the media because I want my work to speak for itself.

I’m only one film old. When I got the chance to do Saaho, I was also aware of many people advising my producers against it, saying I was too young and inexperienced,” says Sujeeth.


So does he want the film to succeed for himself, we can’t help but ask him jokingly. “Of course! I’ve worked very hard alongside Prabhas Sir to ensure we made an action film on par with any in Hollywood. We are capable, if given the budget. So many of the technicians mentioned in the end-credits of the Hollywood super-hero films are Indians from cities like Bengaluru and Chennai. We are capable of doing an Avengers or a Fast & Furious.

All we need is a producer who trusts our vision. And I got that in Saaho,” he adds.


There have been claims that car chases in Saaho resemble that in Rohit Shetty’s cinemas. But Sujeeth refutes the claim.

“Who doesn’t enjoy watching cars speed and crash? Car crashes have become old now. We’ve used trucks in Saaho. The concept of on-screen grandeur has changed drastically. Earlier, audiences were  dazzled by the grandeur of Maaya Bazaar and Pathala Bhairavi. Now, they need another kind of optical thrill. And I am hoping we’ve provided that in Saaho,” says Sujeeth, signing off.