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Tejaswi Madivada nurses an ankle injury like a boss

Published May 16, 2021, 5:44 am IST
Updated May 16, 2021, 5:44 am IST
Actress Tejaswi Madivada has been exploring her interests in art, reading and even dressing up like Valkyrie to give a humorous spin
Tejaswi Madivada dressed up like Valkyrie
 Tejaswi Madivada dressed up like Valkyrie

Recently, Tejaswi Madivada had been practicing dance at home and when she landed on the wrong foot, the actress ended up with a fractured ankle.
“The doctors have advised me six weeks of complete rest to walk, and three months rest to dance again. But I think that it’s okay because none of us are going anywhere because of the lockdown anyway,” she adds lightly. But importantly for her, she tells us in between all that, she had managed to complete all her film shoots.

Slowing down


Despite the light talks, for someone who loves globetrotting, Tejaswi has been getting restless as she can’t move her leg. “But my friends have been making fun of me saying that this pause was necessary for me to slow down,” she states with a smile.

But even before the fractured ankle, the current lockdown had hampered the actress’ travel plans. Talking about one of the reasons she loves to travel, Tejaswi says it helps her not to think much about her marriage, relationships and other life thoughts.

“But when you are bedridden all those thoughts come back in your mind, especially the thought that I will turn 30 in a few weeks. I guess the world is in such a miserable place that none of us can move out. I never wanted to sit in a wheelchair, and while I have a beautiful house and a balcony, how long can one stay indoors?” she asks, clearly not used to sitting in one place at all times.


Rediscovering art

Amidst talks of being bedridden, the Ice Cream actress, however, reveals some thoughts on having a boyfriend. “I’ve moved on from my past relationships and I’m not game for any kind of relationships in my life; I think I’ve had enough,” she says with a smile.

“It’s a different experience for me to stay at home for this long. Although my friends have been helping me, I’ve realised the need for a partner, but at the same time, I also hate such realisations.”

Tejaswi claims to be someone who always loves to explore different art forms. Besides picking up reading to stay positive in these times she recently picked up painting as a stress buster. And she reveals an interesting back-story.


“I tried my hand at painting in childhood but never explored later. I recently met a friend at Brindavan in Karnataka. During this interaction, his father reminded me of painting; he talked about how painting is the highest form of manifestation. It somehow rekindled my interest,” recalls the actress stating that she created around ten paintings in three months.

The nature therapy

Tejaswi says she’s doing all she can so her injury doesn’t dampen her spirits in these tough times. So painting and reading aside, she has been trying to garb various avatars to give a humorous spin to her dreary state.


“I’ve dressed like Valkyrie, the fictional superheroine appearing in Marvel comics. I had even done a photoshoot in that avatar,” she reveals adding that she loves doing such photoshoots.

“I relish doing different things because they bring out the best in me. And I am trying different things to trigger humour and stay positive,” she adds.

So also, for the last five months, Tejaswi had been extensively exploring nature with a child-like attitude. “I am at my best when I am enjoying nature,” she says, adding that spending time with nature has always been therapeutic for her.


“For someone like me who likes extensive traveling, sitting at home is really challenging. But that’s what life has been giving me right now, and I need experiences that are similar to those I get through traveling.”

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