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Travelling solo made me more confident: Mannara

Deccan Chronicle.| Sashidhar Adivi

Published on: May 15, 2022 | Updated on: May 15, 2022

The actress is back from extended US visit



Mannara, who left for the United States of America in December, has just returned to India.  

"It’s been almost five months and it’s been an incredible journey," says the actress, adding that this was the first time she went on a solo trip to the US, and also the longest she has been away from her family here.

"Whenever and wherever I travelled I was accompanied by my family or friends. But this is the first time I went by myself," she says. The actress had been unable to travel outside the country because of the pandemic, and planned the trip as soon as she was able to. What started out as a 10-day itinerary became five months long. "I started taking up professional commitments and that extended my stay," she explains.

"It was a totally different experience and I had the opportunity to travel to various cities in the US, Mannara says.

"Although I had been to the US several times earlier, this trip was very special because it was solo," she says. "Staying away from the family is tough and I realized how travelling alone can change a person. Managing everything on my own was a different experience."

"You discover a new side of yourself. This trip made me more confident and introduced me to a whole new world," she says.

 During her stay in USA, Mannara managed to explore the cultural scenario and the lifestyle and challenges of the people there. She also got to visit the New York Film Academy.

While she experienced snowfall in the US, she has returned to India in the peak of summer. "I am now trying to get used to the Indian summer," she laughs.

The actress recently resumed shooting for a Punjabi film. The emotional drama featuring Yuvraj Hans (son of singer-turned politician Hans Raj Hans) is directed by Sukhveer Singh. "The film has some great music and I will be seen in an interesting role," she reveals.

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