Ram Gopal Varma is unstoppable!

The director is unfazed as he confirms that his film, Lakshmi’s NTR will release as scheduled.

Amidst rumours that Ram Gopal Varma’s controversial film Lakshmi’s NTR could be stalled or face some legal hurdles, the director confirms that his film is all set to release on the 22nd of this month as planned.

“I didn’t get any legal notice or any court order regarding the release of my film. As announced, I am planning to release the film on March 22. Only if there is any delay in post-production, I may postpone it by a few days,” says Ram Gopal Varma, adding that the film’s release will not be stalled under any circumstances.

“It’s election time and everyone is campaigning for their party while criticising other parties. I made a film based on NTR’s political life and there is nothing wrong in it. I am applying for the censor certificate soon and I don’t see any hurdles,” says a confident RGV, dissing the reports that the Election Commission has to give permission for the film’s release.

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