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Shooting in Lambasingi was adventurous: Divi Vadthya

Deccan Chronicle.| Sashidhar Adivi

Published on: May 14, 2022 | Updated on: May 14, 2022

Divi Vadthya talks about the experience of shooting in Lambasingi, popularly called Andhra Kashmir'

Divi Vadthya

Divi Vadthya

Divi Vadthya’s upcoming film Lambasingi directed by Naveen Gandhi is a fresh love story set in a rustic backdrop. "We shot most of the film in a remote area in Lambasingi (close to Vizag), which was cut off from the rest of the world" says the actress.

"I learnt that Lambasingi is called ‘Andhra Kashmir’ for its quaint valleys and chilly weather. It is home to a tribal community that works in pepper and coffee plantations," she says.

"We initially stayed at a hotel near Narsipatnam, but travel to the sets and back took around two hours, so we decided to stay in small cottages in the Lambasingi hamlet to cut down on  travel time," she explains.

The unit shot there for around 45 days from February till the end of March. Divi says she fell in love with nature there, and got an insight into the lives of rural people. She made the most of the opportunity by visiting the nearby coffee and strawberry plantations.

"I saw how coffee seeds are processed and also got to taste fresh-cut strawberries. I even helped the farmers plant turmeric," she beams.

The experience of shooting in Lambasingi was memorable, says the actress, adding, "Without mobile phone connectivity it was a digital detox." Towards the end of the shooting schedule, Divi fell ill. She started vomiting, got dehydrated and had to be hospitalised.  "But I feel it was well worth it, looking at the output," she asserts.  

"It was the experience of a lifetime and an adventure trip. I feel fresh and rejuvenated," Divi shares.


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