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Mamma’s Girls

Published May 14, 2018, 1:47 am IST
Updated May 14, 2018, 1:47 am IST
Rakul Preet and Lavanya Tripathi tell us how their respective mothers still have a strong hold over their lives.
Rakul Preet Singh
 Rakul Preet Singh

A disciplinarian
I have to take permission from my mother if I want to hangout with friends late in the night. Even if I want to go on a trip with my friends, I have to ask her first and if she says no, I don’t go.

When I am hanging out with friends, she says ‘do something productive... why are you wasting your time? Often I wonder whether I should tell her or not! But she tells me ‘you better tell me beforehand instead of me finding it out  from someone else.’


But I can never forget the fact that she left her job for me so that I could start my career. She is there with me always — is my support system. Whatever I am today is because of her.”
—Rakul Preet Singh

She taught the right values
My mother is a combination of sweet and sour. I had to follow certain rules made by her — one of them being you cannot enter the house after 7 pm! And everytime I did that my heartbeat would go up!

In school we were not allowed to carry cell phones, but when my friend asked me to keep hers in my bag for a day, I did it. My mother got to know and was very angry. That was the worst scolding of my life. I still remember her saying, ‘I trusted you and you did this.’


Another time I stole Rs 5 to buy chocolates. But I confessed to her and got a sound beating! I have learnt a lot of values from her. Because of my mother’s teachings I am what I am today. And without her support I would never reach at this position.”
—Lavanya Tripathi