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Getting into Telugu films was a planned move: Athulya Ravi

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Published on: February 14, 2022 | Updated on: February 14, 2022

Actress Athulya Ravi hopes for a long stint in the industry

Athulya Ravi

Athulya Ravi

From being an engineering student who did a short film (that went viral) to becoming a full-fledged actress, Athulya Ravi has come a long way. While the short film she acted in accidently landed her in Tamil films, she says that getting into the Telugu industry was a conscious effort.

"I am excited to do a film in Telugu, one of the most happening industries," she beams, talking about her debut movie directed by Ramesh Kaduri.
The actress says that the film has an urban backdrop and that it’s a character-based plot.

"There’s nothing like hero and heroine, but the lead characters have a good arc to drive the story," says Athulya, adding that the film is a family drama with a political flavour.

After a prolonged telephonic interview, she came down to Hyderabad for a look test. And then she commenced shooting within no time.

"It’s been more than one week since I began shooting; it’s been an interesting experience," she shares, stating that she also knows the language. Explaining that she’s slowly getting to know the world of films, the actress says, "Initially I didn’t know about cinema and the kind of longevity I would have. But later I started to understand and focussed more." She’s hoping for a long stint in the industry.

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