Guntur Kaaram dashes the hopes of Sreeleela

Sreeleela's role is poorly-etched and she just looks pretty and dances when needed

New sensation Sreeleela claimed that her big ticket film ‘Guntur Kaaram’ would be like a re-launch for her in Tollywood and would help her career a bit. “But her poorly-etched role was nothing more than a glam prop stuff. She plays a young girl in the film who posts Instagram reels and checks out funny comments. When she falls in love with Mahesh Babu, her role goes for a toss,” says a distributor adds, “Of course, she would get more mileage by working with a big star like Mahesh Babu and her reach among audience will be extended a bit,” he adds.

Yet again, her dancing talent is put to the test and she even dances to impress Mahesh Babu when is having a few drinks in his godown. “Any educated girl wouldn’t do such things, even if she is in true love with the hero. She also performs a few more seductive acts apart from looking pretty,” he points out.

After two flops like ‘Aadikesava’ and ‘Extra Ordinary Man,’ the pretty lass should have pinned hopes on ‘Guntur Kaaram’ to give her career a boost. “She attended the pre-release event and was praised by Mahesh Babu himself for her dancing skills but she has nothing much to do in the film," he adds

No doubt, she tasted success with ‘Dhamaka’ and ‘Bhagavanth Kesari,’ but Sreeleela has to play her cards well. "With Rashmika and Mrunal breathing down her neck, she has to deliver more hits than flops, since box office success determines actor’s rating than talent,” he concludes.

She will be hoping to make some mark with her next film 'Ustaad Bhagat Singh' with Pawan Kalyan.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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